YN2 B30-7 5556 (ex-C&O 8274; built 1/80, Phase II, Serial # 42779

SCL GP40 6697 (ex-SBD 6697, 1541; nee-SAL 626; built 7/66, Phase Ia3,  Serial # 31795, Frame # 7897-11)

CSX-g C40-8 7521 (who cares?)

CSX-g SD40-2 8167 (ex-SBD 8167, 1263; nee-L&N 1263; built 3/74, Phase Ia, Serial/Frame # 74708-3)

SBD SD40-2 8209 (ex-SBD 8209, 3581; nee-L&N 3581; built 11-12/74, Phase Ia[1], Serial/Frame # 74644-28)

YN1 SD40-2 8343 (ex-SD40 8343, 8284, SBD 8284; nee-CRR 3009; built 1/69, Phase IIb2 SD40, Serial # 34742, Frame # 7152-1)

SBD SD50 8603 (ex-SBD 8603; built 1/85, Serial/Frame # 847017-1)

CRR SD45-2 8969 (ex-SBD 8969, 3611; nee-CRR 3611; built 11/72, Serial/Frame # 7382-5)



     The following is my planned roster.  "Planned roster" means:  engines I plan on building with models I already own primarily, or a few that I'm definitely planning on building and as such have the appropriate model/parts on my "TO BUY" list if I don't already own."  It isn't necessarily proportional or indicative of the ultimate roster goal, as I need many more SD40-2s/C30-7s/CW40-8s than are listed, for example.  So more of them that aren't listed will probably get built before all of the listed ones.  But all this stuff is on the drawing board or complete...........

YN2 FP7A 116
YN2 FP7B 117
Stealth SW1500 11XX
SBD MP15 114X
YN1 MP15AC 1152
RF&P SW1500 1315
Chessie GP15T 1500
??? GP16 1XXX (another FLS or Stealth)
Stealth U18B 1977 (birth year)
??? GP38 2XXX (stealth, L&N, YN2, SBD?......)
B&O GP38 2037
Chessie GP38 2069
CSX Redblock GP38 2171 (Corbin)
FLS GP38 2180 (farking cool engine!)
Stealth/YN2 RDSLUG (GP30 body, not sure which one's getting which paint yet)
Stealth/YN2 RDSLUG (GP35 body, not sure which one's getting which paint yet)
CSX GP38-2 2650
FLS GP38-2 2652
FLS BQ23-7 300X (somehow, some way, someday)
FLS B23-7 3128
??? U23B 3XXX (SBD, YN2?....)
CSX U23B 3270
L&N U23B 3318
Chessie GP30M 4248
YN2 GP39 42XX
Guilford GP39-2 43XX
RDG GP39-2 431X
D&H GP39-2 4318
RF&P GP35 442X
CRR SD40 4612
Chessie B30-7 5531
YN2 B30-7 5556
(if no one ever does a model, someday I'm gonna kitbash a SBD U36B 5XXX!)
NYS&W B40-8 5942
YN2 GP40-2 6009 (B&O Ph. Ia2)
Chessie GP40-2 6063 (GM50, B&O Ph. Ia2)
Chessie GP40-2 6132 (home phone #, B&O Ph. Ia2)
YN1 GP40-2 6141 (B&O Ph. Ia2)
CSX GP40-2 6XXX (B&O or C&O Ph. Ia2, 6001-6133)
Chessie GP40-2 6XXX (B&O or WM Ph. IIa1, 6146-6210)
YN2 GP40-2 62XX (WM or B&O Ph. IIa2, 6211-6249)
Chessie GP40-2 6XXX (C&O Ph. IIc1, 6276-6318)
YN2 GP40-2 63XX (SCL Ph. Ia1 6348-6365)
SCL GP40-2 6353
GRR GP40-2 6390
RF&P GP40-2 639X
Stealth GP40-2 64XX (slug mother)
YN2 GP40-2 64XX (slug mother)
CSX GP40 6504
WM GP40 6573
(need more undec GP40s!: Chessie, B&O, SBD.....)
SCL GP40 6697
RF&P GP40 68XX
FLS C30-7 7002
FLS C30-7 7037
YN2 C30-7 7051
(several more C30-7s: more FLS, YN2, SBD, Stealth...)
SBD U30C 7200
CSX U30C 7224
Stealth U30C 7259
CSX U36C (rebuilt to U30C??) 7281 (ex-CRR 3604, renumbered from 7305; retired first half of '91, but oh well)
Stealth C40-8 7501
Stealth C40-8 7521
Stealth C40-8 75XX
Stealth C40-8 75XX
Stealth C40-8 75XX
YN2 C40-8 7555
YN2 CW40-8 765X
YN2 CW40-8 7799
Spirit CW40-8 7812
YN2 SD40-2 8009 (cell phone #)
Stealth/YN SD40-2 8015
Stealth/YN SD40-2 8021
FLS SD40-2 8043
CSX-s SD40-2 8053
FLS SD40-2 8085
CSX SD40-2 8129
Stealth SD40-2 8167
SBD SD40-2 8209
CSX/YN SD40-2 8237
YN2 SD40-2 8250
Chessie SD40-2 8259
(half of all additional true SD40-2s will be YN2s)
YN2 SD40-2 8262 (SD45-2 rebuild)
YN1 SD40-2 8343 (CRR SD40 rebuild)
YN1 SD40-2 84XX (ex-WM SD40 rebuild)
YN2 SD40-2 8475 (ex-Mopac SD40 M-K rebuild)
YN2 SD50 8502
CSX SD50 8577
YN2 SD50 8583
Chessie SD50 8587
YN2 SD50 8598
SBD SD50 8603
YN2 SD50 8637
(probably one more YN2 SD50 planned)
Stealth SD60 8700
SBD SD45-2 8962 (ex-SCL, low headlight)
CRR SD45-2 8969 (high headlight)

Planned foreign/leaser crap:

AT&SF C30-7(A?) x 3
CR SD60M 5518
CR CW40-8 6XXX
CR SD50 6714 (flexicoils, baby!)
D&RGW SD40T-2 5401
MPI SD45/SD40M-2 900X (haven't doing the research on this yet, but doing ex-SD45 carbody, probably the 9004)
NS SD40-2 (ex-SOU high hood)
NS SD40-2 (ex-NW low hood)