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AT&SF SD45-2 6488 and I welcome you to!  Contrailroads.....get it?  My name is Brian Bennett and that is about as creative as I get.  I'm a 30-something train fanatic, jet pilot, runner dude, ski bum, Objectivist-Capitalist-American dude.  And this is my web presence.  Glad you're here.  My goals of what you eventually will find here are:

~ A prototype model railroader's mecca of reference material, detail shots, model discussions, project blogs, and a place for general discussion and a meeting place for model railroader rivet counters.

~ A plethora of railroad photography that will supplement my "nice" stuff that I post on  A little bit of cross-pollination with the above goal, but I plan on having a library online of prototype reference photos for modeling purposes, in addition to more "traditional" railfanning and railroad photography stuff.

~ A blog to investigate whether I really like to write as much as I think I might.  If not, I'll at least have a place cooler than facebook to post my overly-judgemental opinions and rants on everything ranging from trains to ice cream.  Hopefully we can generate some sixth-grade, ridiculously immature name-calling to justify this page as a feels-like-the-internet legitimate internet locale.  I'm kidding.

~ A place for photos for all friends and family to enjoy and share.

~ But wait!  There's more!  Eventually...........

I'm still figuring out how the architecture of the site and the pages are going to be structured, so while I'm experimenting, keep your eyes on the tabs at the top of the page and the links to the left to find your way around.  It only gets better from here!